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Friday, January 26, 2007

My Rainbow Connection

The Jim Henson Company rocks like no other company out there. As I've stated in my profile, I would have worked for them in a heartbeat had I not been a teacher. A couple of months ago, I sent them a letter telling them how much I envy their ability to reach and change the lives of so many children when I struggle in the hope of changing at least one of the lives of my students for the better. Well, a few days ago, they responded! And here's what they said...

Dear [TeacherLady]

Please forgive our delayed response to your remarkable letter.

We can broadcast to a vast audience via media which, by its extraordinary reach, expands and enhances whatever our message may be. As you say, this has allowed us to be seen and heard, not by a few, but by millions.

What we attempt is really what you do every day. Your audience is indeed smaller but your feedback is immediate. Ours must await letters like yours.

We urge you to believe that your students will have a better life because you helped them on their journey.

Many thanks for taking the time to write to us.
Regards . . . The Jim Henson Company

Dear [Teacher] . . . Be assured that Brian Henson will see your letter!

Regards again . . . The Jim Henson Company

I adore Brian Henson! I wish I'd written a better letter if I'd known he was really going to see it! For those of you who also love the Henson family and all the magic dreams they weave, you may be interested to see Puppet Up! It's a new project they're working on by incorporating puppetry and improvisational comedy... Sort of like Whose Line Is It Anyway? with puppets. Brian is one of the puppeteers and call me puerile, but I thought it was funny hearing him swear! You can find more clips of their act on YouTube as well.

I love those people!

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