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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Men Can Be So Freaking Stupid Sometimes.

Now, gents, don't think I am targeting ALL men, just the mentally deficient ones who think it's a smart idea to rape babies. Rape at all is obviously abhorrent, but let's face it... Only a man would really use the excuse that he believes raping women, children and babies will cure him of his AIDS. If a woman was told that she could be cured of her cancer if she harmed a child to the point that the child would need diapers for the rest of her short painful life before dying days later, I somehow doubt she'd take up the offer. Don't get me wrong, I know there are some sick, messed up women in the world, but they don't hold a candle in terms of numbers to the population of men who are capable of doing something like this.

I sincerely hope that someone starts to deal with these offenders in most terms and that it is made known to the rest of the population what happens to people who commit such crimes.

In countries that are generally led by Big Boy's Clubs, rape is punished less severely than drug use, and how many times must the victim be blamed for the crime? I refer to the Russian prostitute in the U.A.E. who was imprisoned longer than her rapists because of her vocation. Or that homosexual Philipino who was blamed for his rape because, obviously, all gay men are just asking for it too.

If countries in Africa and in the Middle East continue to let these crimes pass with minimal or NO punishment it says a lot about how much they value the quality of life for their women and children. Claiming that they don't treat their women like second class citizens isn't enough.

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