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Monday, January 08, 2007

Like Nails on a Chalkboard.

As a teacher, it pains me to hear language being abused as badly as it is on a daily basis. Here are a few choice soundbites I endure more often than I care to admit:

"Didn't nobody get it"
Translation: Nobody understood it.

"Who is you?"
Translation: Who do you think you are? OR Who are you?

"I been done that."
Translation: I've already done that.

"Them's the ones I want."
Translation: Those are the ones I want.

"He be talkin' stupid stuff."
Translation: He says things that will get him into trouble.

"For why?"
Translation: Why should I do that?

"That hurted."
Translation: That hurt.

"He lookeded smacked."
Translation: He looked ugly. (I have no idea why they want to add an extra "ed" to the end of words that already have an "ed", but they do.)

"There was mass people there."
Translation: There were many people there.

I know the Queen's English does not issue forth from my lips on a daily basis, but it's language like this that makes me want to go all Henry Higgins on everyone's ass!

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Juka said...

LOL. Cute.. you get to witness the language being killed slowly by the new generation. Lol at the "Pygmalion" reference.