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Monday, January 29, 2007

Glimmer of hope.

God there are times I can't stop smiling at work! Last Friday, I made a break-through with one of our most ghetto, scary little students who frequently likes to make very accurate-looking sketches of his various guns on his folder. I immediately took a liking to him and took him under my wing since his first day at our school. He would respond to me in little ways, like when I told him he could get into trouble for having guns on his folder I acted like maybe because he was new he didn't know that wasn't appropriate and got him a second folder to cover up his own. I adopted the whole "phew, that was close! Good thing I helped you out before someone else saw that!" and he used my folder the whole day and we never saw the guns as blatantly again. That showed me that he cared.

Because I realized this, I knew something was up when he'd refuse to do certain assignments unless I helped him. He couldn't do them. Could it be that I warmed to this little guy because I instinctively knew he was one of "my" students who simply wasn't identified as being one? Nah, I think it was the slight gleam of humor in his eye when I would greet him with feigned over-enthusiasm like some sort of cheery camp counselor on speed to contrast his ever-gloomy, silent, cynical, bling-encrusted facade. Now I only hope the school psychologist doesn't refuse to assess him...

I believe that the only way this kid will get through high school is with support. If he doesn't get it, he will fail and his homelife will take over entirely. I hope that doesn't happen.

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