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Friday, January 05, 2007


I've got a second job! While that wouldn't normally sound like a cause for celebration, it is in my case because I will become a belly dancing instructor for the very first time! I will be teaching beginners, as long as enough people sign up.

I've done various other types of dance and I can honestly say that none of them developed the same sense of sorority amongst the women. It's fantastic. We couldn't pinpoint why we belly dance. We dance for men, we dance for other women, we dance for our own health, for a giggle, for a need to celebrate our womanhood. Sometimes, I'm so in tune with the eternal rhythm of the drums, I feel like Mother Earth herself, all hips and breasts. Other times, the sultry beat makes me feel like a concubine, celebrating my skills as a lover through dance.

And other times, I'm a sweaty dope who gets entangled in her veil like a child caught in the laundry line.


ARABIANA said...

ya mama el 3alam is in war n u talking belly dancing, plzzzzz there is at least 10000 topics to write about

TeacherLady said...

This is a blog of my creation talking about experiences that influence my life, I write about what I know. You don't have to read it if you don't want you! That's the great thing about choice! However, I do appreciate your having visited my blog and exposing me to yours. I promise not to tell you what to write about. ;)

The Sandmonkey said...

send pics!

Mecha-Shiva said...


even better use for this link.

Qu.ing said...

actually I didn't read this post before now, but I can tell you that THANK GOD for belly dancing lol
it's a really nice thing to do and it makes you lose a lot of energy and calories

TeacherLady said...

I love belly dancing! I'm hoping to keep it up for a very long time. I did it while pregnant and I think that accounts for my bouncing back to my original shape (or very near to it, anyway).