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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I really don't think sending more troops over to Iraq is going to make anything any better. It seems like they're fighting the tide in their attempt to squash outbursts of insurgency by putting out small fires all over the place, so to speak, only to see the embers ignite again in the very same spots.

Unfortunately, the things that could help (infrastructure, supplies for basic day to day living needs) are denied them by the constant bombings. Bit of a catch-22 because I feel that if they had their basic needs met, there would be far fewer people blowing themselves up because they feel they've got nothing to lose anyway. (A bit of the old Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)

It must be easier to turn into a savage in the wreckage of the rubble you call home, with your list of dead loved ones growing longer each day. It may be naive of me, but I'd like to see Saddam's assets liquidated to pay for the reconstruction of his country, money that belonged to the people anyway. It may not cover everything, but no doubt all the extravagant furniture, equipment, and art would be better put to use as funding for a reconstructive program. If they haven't already been looted, the contents of the vast underground network of tunnels would surely provide a dinar or two towards the cause.

But obviously, any reconstruction at this stage is at risk of being destroyed before completion even happens. If only things could have been different... If only Iran wasn't such a threat, if only America hadn't used Saddam as a tool against Iran, if only Saddam hadn't been a crazed, power-hungry maniac (I believe that was his title on his office door and business cards), if only Russia's invasion then withdrawal hadn't led to the rise in popularity of the Taliban in Afghanistan... And if my aunt had a willy, she'd be my uncle.

I know. I sound rather adolescent in my prattle, but it preys on my mind and I can say whatever the hell I want on here. I so appreciate being able to speak my mind. I had been so used to accepting the status quo because we knew of no other option, especially not to question the actions of the government. I so appreciate the liberties I enjoy.

If you'll excuse me, I will exercise my freedom to do go eat vast quantities of chocolate. God Bless America. ;)

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