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Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid kids fight back.

Okay, so I'm not entirely grateful for all stupid kids. Today in a science class, the kids got their grade reports detailing why they have the grades that they do. The most stupid (and hence the most vociferous) students were outraged at their grades and announced that the teacher is trying to "play" them and that the teacher is to blame. After they were done shouting, they went back to what they always do... Chat and nap.

It's one thing to do absolutely nothing to help your grade, it's another to have the half-wit balls to blame the teacher.

What kind of self-entitled monsters has this welfare state/society created? I'm so tired of dealing with kids whose parents let them get away with murder at school and teach their kids to blame others first and never take responsibility for their own actions (or lack thereof). I'm tired of hearing kids boast of all the illegal ways they'll make more money than me (though if you figure in either the length of their possible jail sentence or shortened lifespan, it works out that I'll make more in my lifetime), and I'm tired of kids getting everything done for them out of fear. Fear of being fired, fear of parent retaliation, fear of what the student will do if he's not being spoon-fed the answers. It all propogates it, I know, but it's about time they learned to give back to society.

So why the hell don't the teachers do anything about this, I hear you say?

Let's say a teacher takes it upon him or herself to be mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. So the kids fail. So they get up and throw a chair at the teacher or another student (happens a lot). So the kid gets sent to the office. So they have a little vacation for 10 days, miss loads of content, come back even more confused and angry and we start all over again. In fact, it gets worse.
You must be an awful teacher. Look at those grades, look at the discipline issues. Maybe teaching isn't your thing.

Or, you try to be the teacher of the year. You design an amazing, interactive, inspirational lesson. The kid comes in and puts his head on the desk and sleeps. You nudge him awake, he yells at you to get out of his f*cking face. You try to calm him down in some pathetic semblance of maintaining control of the situation in front of his peers. He gets angrier that you still haven't left him alone. You send him to the office, but it takes 10 minutes for him to actually leave the room because he's stopping to shove chairs and yell at you. Or, you do leave him to sleep and he fails just the same.

And the government's idea (and this predates Bush) is to make teachers more accountable.
Thanks. That'll make everything all better. So glad to know it was us teachers all along.

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