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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


You know what really pisses me off? People who criticize something without offering a possible solution. Okay, so the war in Iraq sucks. Okay, a lot of people don't agree with what Bush decided was the best course of action in a "fight against terror", but what do the hecklers suggest as a workable solution? Talk? Tried that. What about Saddam? If you honestly think it was a bad idea taking him out, tell that to a Kurd who's lost everything and whose race's genocide was most definitely ignored by the rest of the world and the useless excuse for an organization known as the United Nations.

I'll admit that I don't like how many are still suffering long after the dictator of Iraq has fallen, but he had to be removed. I don't even care what the motive was in his downfall, in the interest of humanity or some bizarre scheme to get oil- the mass execution of innocents had to end. I know that innocents continue to pay the ultimate price, but if you happen to know a beautifully surgical procedure of war in which no innocents have to die, please tell me what it is...??? Do you have a bomb that only kills bad people (Oingo Boingo reference there, sorry)? Would talking really stop the suicide bombers, the genocidal maniacs, the terrorist cells from sprouting all over the world like ugly weeds? A reasonable discussion requires the participation of reasonable contributors, and the guy who thinks that murdering innocent people will lead him to some pretty place with a bunch of bimbo virgins all falling over themselves for a piece of his action isn't exactly working with all engines running.

Of course war is stupid. Of course settling an argument by ending the life of your opponent is absurd and lacking in civilized graces, but that is what humanity is. We're limited, we're fearful, we're ignorant, and even if one side attempts to take the higher ground they still have to deal with a side that plays dirty and the descent begins again.

Sure, freeze yourself until humanity has gained a higher level of thinking, but know that the time ain't now, baby. The majority of us are still savages who don suits or hide under the guise of religious mores in the hopes of fooling others and ourselves that we're better.

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