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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wake up and smell the guhwa

How gullible is a whole population willing to be in order to place blame on others and avoid taking responsibility? How much common sense do they sacrifice to feel self-righteous in their ignorance?

I have recently had the opportunity to witness some clips of Arab soap operas in which Jews are depicted in an almost comical extreme as the Bogeyman of the Arab-Muslim world. Such gross caricatures are simplistic to the point of being childish and grotesque, and it's pitiful to think that any mature individual would believe that any more than they would believe in a monster under the bed.

Do they REALLY believe that Jews drink the blood of gentile (non-Jewish) children? I'm not asking for an opinion of the existence of Israel as a nation or the actions of their army, I'm asking if they REALLY think that Jewish people sneak around in the shadows and make matzo-balls using the blood of kids? Also, do they REALLY believe they pluck out the eyes of Palestinian kids to implant them into a Jewish kid?

It was that kind of shit that they were showing on these shows and I find it patronizing that the writers of the shows would think everyone would be so ignorant, so ill-educated, so backward as to not only put up with hearing that kind of crap, but put credence to it. I guess some of them do... The media treats them like children, contorting their views of reality in order to get them to do exactly what they want them to do. If they are so naive as to only see in black OR white and never gray, then they are like children who believe in pure good or pure evil when, I assure you, neither exists on this world.

Don't think I don't paint all media with the same brush, because as horrific as the terrorists are depicted, I have a hard time believing they are all the spawn of Satan and that even their mothers didn't love them. Someone loved them, and they loved someone too, but their hate overrode all sense of identity until they just became a collective pawn of the propaganda they were fed since childhood. Even the cartoons depict suicide bombers in a favorable light, and I can't begin to describe my disgust at seeing that.

Which brings me to my next point: Children. Obviously, the education of children is high on my list of priorities, but what kind of ignoramus thinks there is any room in a child's upbringing and learning for hatred? Whoever held a newborn in his/her arms and thought "Oh the rage I will put in your heart, the dangers I will expose you to, and the blinkers I will put to your eyes" and yet that's exactly what they do. A speaker on TV urged all the parents of Palestine to teach their children to hate with every breath they had, and remind them every night before they go to bed that they should hope to become "martyrs" in the name of Allah. Is that REALLY what they want for your children? I don't care how much they despise the Israelis/Jews- there is no reasonable, pardonable excuse for sacrificing your own child's chance of happiness and life itself.

I understand that life is excruciatingly hard in Palestine, and I'm not excusing anything carried out by other nations or peoples, I'm just addressing what some Muslim Arabs do that no other people do quite the same way- Blatantly teach hatred to the young in school, in the home, and in the media, robbing them of the childhood they deserve. Children shouldn't start their school day singing about killing another human being. Children are flowers growing out of garbage, they bring beauty to a place by their sheer existence and these "adults" have no right to turn them into garbage too.


Penny said...

I could not agree with you more, both sides are very near sighted and self absorbed; as a result, the middle ground is trampled by both sides and deemed “trivial” and “pitiable”; in some cases it is even imagined none existent.
Neither liberals nor conservatives have it right, both have turned so far from the constitution and the basic freedoms that our country was founded on that there is really no chance for liberty to strive save in the hearts and minds of people; whom I hope one day can create a reality from it once more.

I absolutely agree with this post, you are extraordinarily precise.

Oh, I also wanted to say, welcome to America.

TeacherLady said...

Thank you for your response to our previous discussion about the leading political parties of the US. If people didn't seem to bent on polarizing to the extremes, we could have a really cool "moderate" party as an option, which will sadly never happen.
And thanks for your kind welcome! I will always remember the first time I re-entered the States through New York once I acquired a Green Card post 9/11... It may have simply been policy, but the passport control man looked at my Arab passport, looked at my Green Card and then smiled at me and said "Welcome home".
I wish I knew when and how I could say something in passing that would bring joy such as that to a complete stranger as well as those I love!

Nadia H said...

Well, I don't support parents teaching their kids to hate, or blow up Israel, but Jewish people teach their kids to defend their land with such vigor that it's tantamount to a Palestinian teaching his kids to "hate". See the thing is, S, that my aunt WAS forced out of her home, at gunpoint, when she was 13. She is Palestinian. Her children are extremely intelligent and articulate when they argue the whole Palestinian/Israel debate, but they've had a chance to live in a real home (in Australia, though,not their homeland), and to be educated, and to travel the world. Other Palestinians live in refugee camps, and all they have is the memory of what used to be theirs. Well, some don't even have that. They don't have a home.

So while I agree with you that it's disgraceful to teach your child to hate, do remember that Jewish parents do it too. They're smart about it, mind you, but they do it too. Try criticizing Israel, and see if you don't get labeled "anti-semitic".

Now I know a number of Jewish Americans who have joined the Solidarity for Palestinian Human rights, at School. The Pro-Israelis call them "Self-hating News".Nice, eh? God forbid you can have your own opinion.