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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stop saying we're violent or I'll kill you!!!

Okay children, for today we're explore the concept of irony. My objective is that you will all understand the requirements for "irony", use an example to illustrate it, and in the process have a pretty good idea of what a dumb-ass sounds like.
In order to construct an ironic situation, let us look at it from a literary perspective as stated by dictionary.com : a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.
In my previous post, I described the kind of propaganda exposed through the media to various Arabs on a daily basis. Samples of these soaps and public declarations were shown on an American TV talk show hosted by Glenn Beck. His aim was to explain the thinking behind the people we fear the most. He did not create the clips himself, he did not have them mistranslated, he simply showed them for what they were. Because of this, he and his family have been threatened.
I don't care what your individual politics may be, but surely you can see the irony illustrated here... If they ("they" being people who support genocide and the use of terrorism) believe all that crap to be true, they watch it on their TVs, they hear it from their religious or political leaders, they sing the songs, burn the flags- why threaten the guy who shows all that to others? Is it because they know their bull has been exposed for what it is and now everyone knows what manipulative, lying, pieces of crap they truly are? Are they actually ashamed that their kids are being shown on international TV singing about the slaying of human beings? Because shame would stem from a cognizance of guilt, tantamount to an admission of wrong-doing. So now they have a new target for their blame. God forbid they should take any responsibility for their own actions and put down the sword to pick up their children?

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