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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm pissed.

One of the few good things that could come out of Democratic power didn't... 5% of America's adult population still don't have the right to marry the ones they love - phew doesn't that make you feel better! That gay people can't go marrying other gay people? Because if they could, locusts would plague our lands, the rivers would dry up, the whole fabric of time and space would unravel.
Also, more children will be murdered. Oh I'm sorry, did I say murdered? I meant aborted. That sounds so much neater and clinical. Funny how killing a pregnant woman can be 2 counts of murder, but when a doctor does it it's called a "termination" or "abortion". For those of you who don't know about partial birth abortion, you should. If you really, really believe this should be allowed, then you can stomach these illustrations.
What really pisses me off is that this is yet another example of how people today avoid responsibilities. What if we adopted this philosophy in other areas... I take in a roommate, but he kinda cramps my style because he won't let me party anymore, so I shoot him in the head with a .38. Problem gone, bring on the beer bong. It's okay, he wasn't married, had no family, no one wanted him, and he had no job, and was a die hard Trekkie, so he wasn't really living. And don't worry, if I make the mistake of getting another nuisance of a roommate, I can do it again.
Don't get me wrong, I believe there are grey areas too that would justify the sacrifice.
I'm not religious, I don't do this because some dusty old book says it's wrong, I say it because I believe that ending a child's life is WRONG and arguing semantics is just a pathetic way of avoiding responsibilities.
However, if you're willing to consider my proposal for LATE late- term abortions, I have some prime candidates here at the high school...


Penny said...

Yes! My god yes!
It’s so nice to discover that a bit of intelligence still exists out there.
Isn’t it ridiculous that we’ll withhold liberty from two people who just want to love each other because it’s “immoral”, but we’ll completely eliminate any opportunity for another 2.5 million people a year to ever experience any life, liberty, or happiness, because…it’s someone else’s “right”?
I love the roommate analogy too; puts things into perspective I think.
Anyways, just wanted to give kudos, excellent post.

Nadia H said...

So you're sayin we should have orpanages full of children who aren't wanted (Even madonna isn't adopting American)?

Where do you define life exactly? How about every time a guy masturbates he's killing potential children? It is a women's right to choose, in my not too humble opinion, altho yes, it doens't mean you can have unprotected sex whenever you feel like it, and then just killl off your responsibility, but if it means less unloved children than so be it. Ideally, if you could find a childless, barren couple to adopt that would be great.

But that isn't what they were arguing when they defeated the bill (or whatever it was they were doing. I listen to American politics with half an ear).From what I understood, it was a bill that said abortion was NOT allowed under practically any circumstances, even if the mother's life was in danger. And that's just retarded.

As for gay people getting married, send them over here. We're a little more liberal in Canada :) Even Elton John got married here last year I heard. I've ot tickets to see him on Sat!

TeacherLady said...

I don't fool myself that I can inflict my opinion on everyone around me, and I do agree that under certain circumstances abortion should be permitted, but I don't want to see minors be able to have abortions without informing their parents nor an increase in the ideal of being able to have a "drive-through" abortion everytime someone does the horizontal tango and forgets to be safe. Granted, the parent I described in a previous post probably should never have any more children, but I'd much rather she not get pregnant in the first place than go and have abortion after abortion. For me, life begins once the egg is fertilized because that is when the growth and development begins. I certainly feel life exists in the case of partial birth abortion where they pull out all but the head of the child then insert a needle into its skull to kill it. If the mother's life is at risk, then fine, but this shouldn't be on a menu under the Happy Meals at McDonalds...
Thanks for posting, ladies!