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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Emotinally Disturbed- Fun for all the family.

Another quirk of the education system is the recent idea that inclusion is a great idea for kids who are Emotionally Disturbed (ED-not Erectile Disfunction). They may be convicted criminals, biologically imbalanced or have come from a life of hell and re-enact what they know. They are also a great source of entertaining stories because they have such amusing contributions to make in classes.

A friend of mine used to teach ED kids when they used to have a classroom all to themselves and weren't out amongst the rest of society unless they earned their way out with appropriate behavior, which was far too logical an idea to continue to follow. The Powers That Be decided it would be really great to just dump them out into mainstream classes and let them drown... But I digress. It was back when ED classes still existed that this brief story originates.

Ms. Teacher was administering an important exam to her students and even they realized its importance and sat quietly, getting as much of it done as possible. All that could be heard was the rustle of papers and the scritching of pencils, when all of a sudden, one of the students had to let off a little steam in the only way he knew how. He stood up, took a deep breath and bellowed:
"C*cksucker!" before sitting back down and quietly finishing his exam.
Oh how I'd love to take a page out of his book during some of the teacher workshops I have to endure for hours on end.

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