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Monday, October 23, 2006

You Know You're an Arab Woman When...

Here are a few weird circumstances Arab women often find themselves in. I wish I were making some of this stuff up: You know you're an Arab woman when...

You get a marriage proposal from an Arab guy you JUST met. Perhaps he misread the way you passed him the spare bottle of ketchup in the fast food joint.

Arab men talk to you like you're a retarded three year old. They make it worse by smiling when they do it. It's amazing how they find the time to do this in between calls to their mothers...

You may finally be allowed to spend the night at a female friend's house at the age of 23, a few years after your 12 year brother has spent his third vacation in Amsterdam with his friends. (okay, I exaggerated with the ages, but the truth lies in the sentiment)

Arab hospitality is second to none. You can drop by someone's house and they'll offer you tea and snacks before they finally get around to telling you someone is in the next room in labor and they really must get going to the hospital (absolutely true story, I shit you not).

You have the sexiest underwear on under your jeans and long sleeve blouse. And abaya. And no one gets to see them.

Your friends mothers yell at you if you haven't talked to them in a while. They also compete with you when it comes to fashion... And they usually win. Don't worry, you'll eventually take their place.

You've heard someone pronounce "comfortable" as "con-fort-ibbel" or say it that way yourself.

You've forgotten how many cousins you've got.

You rarely keep your real hair color as is.

Your perfume is nothing compared to that of your male counterparts.

Your "nickname" given to you by older Arab women is often much longer than your real name.

Look at the amount of luggage you travel with. Tell me that doesn't look like you're running away for good.

You say"no" by tutting and jerking your head upwards.

You have heard, or said the words, "open the light".

In a bizarre Freudian twist, your mother calls you "mommy". Didn't happen in my case, but to enough of my friends I noticed a pattern.


Nadia H said...

HOW many times have I invited you guys to LIVEJOURNAL! You picked Blogspot? Tsssk Tsssk.

About the "mamma calling their kids 'mamma', we completely freaked out this lady at some store, when my mamma called me "mamma" (still with me?). Cracked me up the way she looked from me to my mum, and tried to figure it out while politely saying nothing (we explained it to her).

' Altho my mamma calls me "mamma" as a term of endearment. Hadn't thought of it as Freudian...hmmm..

Shall send you my livejournal addy sometime. Not that it's all thast exciting, but it's nice to keep in touch with the riveting goings-on of friends :P

Shimozi said...

I can relate to what your saying about female Arab women esp. the hospitality.
I am also in the field of education, I have a B.A. in educational psychology. I am applying to counseling masters program in UBC, Canada.
I would love to know or read your logs or journals about teaching. It will give me insight since i am a new teacher and graduate in the field. Need that X factor (X=experience)..

TeacherLady said...

Absolutely, I'd be delighted to share whatever wisdom I may have to share. I'm no veteran, but there are lessons I learned pretty well in the first few years of teaching...