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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Stop, or I shall say 'stop' again!"

With North Korea's lastest exploration of nuclear weaponry, the world's response is every bit as explosive.The UN has talked very seriously about imposing sanctions that North Korea feels won't affect them. China, Japan, and the US has had intense discussions in which they condemn North Korea's actions. The rest of the world has been abuzz with the news. At the thunder of all these voices, Kim Jong Il responded by plugging up his ears and singing very loudly (but with a voice of unmatched beauty, no doubt). This angered the UN who in turn is reported to be planning a party in which they won't invite the Adonis-like miniature leader, and in fact will invite everyone else in the world except him. They may even raise their voices at the next global conference. A spokesperson shared "If he won't listen, we'll shout EVEN louder and then he'll REALLY regret it." The rest of the world holds its breath in anticipation of the UN's actions and is slowly turning blue...

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