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Monday, October 09, 2006

Real life rocks part 1

Once in a while, I'm reminded of how amazing real life can be, giving fictional writers a run for their money. Being a special educator I get to hear loads of great stories, and the first I'm going to share is of a kid whose teachers started to notice that his brand new sneakers were getting more and more worn and marked. This wouldn't be abnormal for his friends, but this young man was in a wheelchair and has never walked a day in his life. When questioned, all he would do is smile (especially given the fact that he couldn't speak), so his teachers figured it wasn't anything to be worried about. It turns out, a peer of his kept forgetting to bring appropriate shoes for gym class and saw an ideal opportunity... A thankfully innocent reason. It would have sucked if he'd used them in a messy crime, leaving footprints in his wake...

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