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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm prime rib, baby!

"Australia's most senior Muslim cleric has suggested that women who do not wear headscarves are to blame for sexual assaults, comparing them to uncovered pieces of meat. "

Sadly a universal belief that extends into all cultures one way or another. I remember the mortifying story of the nine year old who was kidnapped from her back garden in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates who was raped by her captor and dumped back on her property after the ordeal was over. The man was caught and the judge decided that seeing as she was wearing a see-through dress, he couldn't rightly punish the man.

To the perverts (who are unlikely to be reading this, but here I go anyway): I'm sorry if you have the willpower of a kid in a sweet shop, I'm sorry if you're sick in your twisted little mind, and I'm sorry if you wife left you for another woman or your mother beat you with a broom handle and stuck you in a closet, but the violence ends with YOU.

All this violence against women in children in the news every day is enough to make me puke like a millionaire model... And those are just the stories that even make it to the news. God knows that's just the tip of this hideous iceberg. I tried so hard not to turn this blog into a soap box situation, but MAN these people push me onto it.

I'd like to say that my attention was diverted to this article by my dear husband who doesn't abuse me... Unless I ask him to. ;)

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