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Friday, October 27, 2006

Give me liberty or give me heels

I don't think I'm a bra-burning femi-nazi... Really. I focus on crimes made against any human, it just so happens that the target of a lot of individual and collective aggression seems to be made towards those with ovaries... But anyway, the topic for today is true sexual freedom. Is it really freedom or is it a cry for attention and yet another reason men think we're all stupid sluts?

Exhibit A: Pole dancing classes. It is a sassy medium to express your sexual liberation or is just feeding the belief that every good wife should be a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom? Are women really doing it for themselves or desperately trying to fulfill the pubescent fantasies of their male partners? I guess that's down to the individual. Don't try to give me that "oh but it tones you up and it's great exercize" because you could go for a swim and do that. However, if you're doing this for your health AND you have a kinky night scheduled in the bedroom, fine. But be honest with yourself... Why would you want to do this? Who is it really for?

I struggle with this because I'm certainly all for the exploration of self and having fun in the bedroom, but I don't exactly see men scrambling for classes on how to be sexier for their partners! I think that, rather than letting women take on the sole responsibility of spicing things up, men should take Full Monty classes or do whatever it is their partners find sexy. Maybe we need a few more of THESE! "Tell you what, honey, I'll learn to twirl my tassles in two directions if you learn to treat me like a lady! Um. Yeah."

I think I only resent the concept of it being a one-sided deal. If it's mutual, I wholeheartedly encourage sexual exploration. Share and share alike. And THAT's why the Penthouse magazines are mine too. :)

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