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Friday, October 13, 2006

Don't burst my bubble.

While I'm thinking about the fantastic parents I come in contact with through my line of work, I must devote a moment to another fine example. She had given her son one of those Speak N Spell knock offs that tests words on the fourth grade level in the hopes of improving his spelling. An admirable purchase. I used to have the original Speak N Spell and often wondered why they chose a man who either had an unfortunate speech impediment or had the microphone in his left nostril while recording, but I digress...
"Sometimes I like to play with that thing...!" She announced and we can all grin at the realization that, once in a while, we all like to tap into our inner child and play with bubbles and the like.
"And sometimes, I WHOOP that thing!"
Bubbles burst. Apple... Tree.

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