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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Apple... Tree.

Teachers utter familiar phrases so frequently that we can often abbreviate them and still know what we're talking about. "Apple... Tree" is how my colleagues and I refer to the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" phenomenon that we see with parents and their spawn whom we educate. We always love the parents who are able to show up for open houses and conferences, but sometimes it only make things worse... When told her son would be tested on his knowledge of all the states East of the Mississippi, one well-intentioned parent nodded sagely, looking at the map given to her, and then asked "Which are those?"
I was thoroughly impressed with the subtlety and speed of which the teacher made eye contact with me before he gestured to the map which states those were.
It may have been more embarrassing than calling in the parent of a girl who dresses like she may get picked up by Hugh Grant at any moment, only to see the mother show up in a mini-skirt, fish-net stockings, and heels to give drag queens a run for their money.

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